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Mr Riegillio PVC HOODIE

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Mr Riegillio PVC HOODIE
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This shiny PVC hoodie is perfect with the PVC pants, designed by the creative Mr Riegillio.

As their entire PVC collection it's shiny on the outside, but soft on the inside! You can wear this hoodie in two different styles depending on how fashionable you want to be! You can wear it big & baggy as an oversized model (or as we like to say; 'large and in charge') or as a regular fit, up to you!

The hoodie features:

  • Drawstring hood
  • Half-zip opening Over-the-head style
  • Pouch pocket on the chest
  • with extra side pockets and additional side pockets with a zipper Tunnel cord
  • A zipper on the side for easy access

Check out the entire Mr. Riegillio collection with pants, shorts and even a bow-tie. Although we completely understand you want to have your fetish fashion nice and tight please be aware that PVC is a non-elastic material, which means that once it has been stretched it will not go back to its original finish and shape

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