Mister B Fetch Rubber Dog Hood

Mister B Fetch Rubber Dog Hood
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Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood Mister B has now made a pup muzzle hood in heavy rubber! This Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood is easy to put on and off, playful and very versatile. The chin piece comes with two colours of snap-in tongues: a black one and a pink one, other colours are available separately as accessory (with a set of ears same colour).

Bite and chew on the very rubbery tasty tongue to move the chin piece up and down. Made of rubber, therefore very easy to wash and clean. Wet games are not a problem with this hood! The ears are snap on too, and feature a metal strip so you can bend the ears into your favourite expression.

The Y-strap that goes over your head to the collar allows for a good fit and great adjustability. One size fits all. Made of 2 mm thick latex.

NB: To customize your hood to your fav colour: Mister B offers combo’s of a set of ears and a tongue in several colours: Red / Yellow / Bright blue / Green / Blue Metallic and White. 

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